If someone were to ask you to define yourself in a few words, what would come to mind? 
Would you say: ‘a Man’, ‘a Woman’, ‘a Jew’, ‘a Muslim’ or ‘a Christian’?


You would indeed be correct in choosing one or more of those terms. 
Those may be accurate descriptions of a few aspects of your life. But you are also more than that. 
You are a Human Being. …..Appreciate the fact that you are a Human Being. 
You have a purpose. You have a mission. And you are exactly who you need to be.

What does Judaism say about your role in being part of humanity?


Rabbi Manis Friedman is one of today's most popular Jewish thinkers and speakers.
His warmth, wit and wisdom has stirred the hearts and souls of thousands around the world with
his profoundly deep and refreshingly unique vision of Torah and Chassidic thought into the human condition 
and contemporary life. He is the Director of the Bais Chana Women's Institute in S. Paul, 
Minnesota and the author of the well-known book, Doesn't Anyone Blush Anymore?


 Sunday 7:00pm    

Chabad of Marina del Rey
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