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Join us for an unbelivable evening with Yaakov Parisi

Thursday June 26, 7:30pm

2929 Washington blvd. 
Marina del Rey, CA. 90292

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An intriguing story of an Evangelical Christian pastor and his wife who, in exploring the roots of their faith and searching for the truth, arrived at the doorstep of Judaism

They began their journey in 1987 while attempting to understand doctrinal discrepancies within Christianity. A few years later, as pastors of their own church in the middle of the Bible belt, they search the Jewish Bible, the Torah, for answers. The plot thickens as their Christian congregation begins to observe the Jewish sabbath, and major inconsistencies within Christianity are revealed.

From challenges to threats until the closing of their church and their conversion to Judaism, this touching and inspiring behind-the-scenes story will take you through their every eye-opening, heart-wrenching, and hilarious moments.

Yaakov Ephraim and Sarah Devorah Parisi have been Torah-observant Jews since 1998. They made aliyah to Israel in 2002 where Yaakov Ephraim was employed as an engineer. During the next 3 years he oversaw 17 construction projects on 9 separate Air Force bases, 2 Army Bases and 1 undercover base. Under his direct supervision the first underground F-16 jet re-fueling system, on a southern base, was completed in 2003. This is still the only one in Israel today on the bases. The system made it possible for the jets to re-fuel in less than 3 minutes. The system sustained the whole Israeli air Force during the Lebanon War.

In 2007 under the advice of their rabbis, who urged that now is the time to tell their story, they went public for the first time since their conversion. Their mission is to inspire all Jews to find their individual connection to their Jewish roots. They resided in Morristown, N.J. from 2008-2011 where Yaakov Ephraim learned in kollel, and received his rabbinical certification. In 2013 they returned to Israel. They now reside in Boca Raton, Florida, and are continuing their speaking tours.


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